Trip to PA for Our Baby Shower

This is our biggest post picture wise to date so I will try to make it not so wordy... but who are we kidding :) We got to go to PA for a few days to see family and friends and have a huge barbecue to celebrate the coming of our sweet baby girl! It was a blast and everything I could have hoped for (Thanks mom, dad and aunt Jeannie and everyone else who pitched in!). It was at my aunt's farm which is the property that my dad grew up on. That property is so special to me and perfect to celebrate such a special event to us. There was good music, food, and friend and a perfect summer night. Our super talented friend Sarah Abraham was kind enough to photograph the whole event so more on that to come :)

During out trip we got to spend some time in Pittsburgh with my parents, one of my best friends from Florida SURPRISED ME and flew in for the weekend, and we got some one on one time with family and friends. Every time I go home I realize how blessed I was to grow up there surrounded by so many amazing people who are still some of my biggest supporters in life. I'm also reminded of how beautiful East coast history and landscapes are too.

Also as you will notice below, baby girl has a name….River Louise Gilmer. We love it! We knew for a long time that if she was a girl her name would be River. Then late last year my amazing warrior of a grandma passed away so we are privileged to give River my grandma’s middle name of Louise. So crazy that October is right around the corner! Can't wait to meet that little girl of ours!