I am sitting on the couch in our little apartment listening to this beautiful album by the band Hammock, drinking some freshly roasted coffee while my wife takes a little nap. And I am thinking about how important moments like these are to me. It is like I feed on them. These few moments of peace are what help me get through the day. 

I am learning a lot recently about how important it is to know yourself well. I am finding that as I become more aware how I react to certain things, the more I am able to structure my life in a way that is beneficial and healthy. 

Rest, I have learned is hugely important to me. Without moments of quiet I become worn out, frustrated, grumpy, and unproductive. To be a good husband, a creative person, and a productive worker I need to put time in my day to rest and be quiet.  

Do you have things like this? Are there things your personality just "needs" to live fully?