Gender reveal

I climbed up on the table and exposed my belly. “Don’t worry our gel is heated he said as he covered my stomach in goop. Lets see if we can find out a gender for you guys today. Going in to that appointment that day we had our guesses with the gender (Let the record show that I guessed girl! ) but the main thing on both of our minds was to see our sweet little human move around.

He put the machine on my stomach and started to move it around and just when we caught a glimpse of her she started to slowly move. “Wake up little one” he said as he poked around to get her in another position. Nathan and I just stared at each other in shock at the movement of this tiny little human. A head showed up and then a foot as I quickly counted all of the toes. Next we saw her spine. “I bet you love seeing that” Nathan said as we explained to the guy that I am a Chiropractor. He snapped a quick photo of it for us.

He kept moving the probe around until finally there it was. Her butt was in the air and he closely examined as we tried to figure out what we were looking at. “Well it looks like you have a baby girl in here!” he said as I squealed with joy and threw my hands in the air. Nathan’s eye teared up and my dad reminded him later that he was definitely in trouble and to say goodbye to the rest of his heart :)

It was surreal enough to hear her heart beat for the first time a few weeks prior but to know now that she is a girl and to see her wiggle around (I haven’t really felt her moving yet) made it even more real. I suppose those surreal moments keep happening with every phase until we are literally staring her in the face, holding her in our arms. Even at that point I'm sure it continues daily. 

As soon as I found out she was a girl I found a random fireworks store online that had hot pink smoke bombs. I’ve always wanted to do a smoke bomb photoshoot with Nathan and what a perfect occasion. It was so beautiful in the mountains that day and a fun way to celebrate this exciting news together. P.S. don’t worry about the smoke around me. These were all natural, organic, cage free, free range, grass fed smoke bombs ;) Thank you guys for all of your support and sweet words! We would love it if you guys would keep praying for the health of this little girl!