A Beautiful Sunday Morning

Recently I have become a little bit more adamant about the importance of regular church attendance. I think it is good for your spiritual and mental health. I also believe it has a great effect on the community that is often overlooked.

That being said…some mornings you just need some family today. Today was one of those days. We were all up and ready for church when we realized that we had hardly seen each other all week. We were longing for some time with each other so we decided to play hooky and head for the hills. We found a beautiful spot on the side of the mountain and just took some pictures and enjoyed each others company. It was the perfect “church” for us this morning.


Some Thoughts on Our Anniversary


This is the first anniversary, and neither of us are proud of this fact, that completely snuck up on both of us. We have two kids now, and Courtney just went back to work, and we lost track of the date and kinda just realized yesterday that today was our anniversary. I am not happy that we forgot, but the circumstances of why we forgot are these beautiful things that have come from our marriage. 

Our pastor Andrew, when he found out we were pregnant, made a statement that I will never forget. He got super excited for us and said that "having kids is this amazing thing, because for years you have been building your love and it has just been between the two of you, but now, out of the love that you have, you have produced a life. Your life is now physically manifested in this child". Its a really beautiful idea and it is my favorite part of our marriage right now. 

We were talking a little bit last night on life before kids and how in some ways we missed the freedom of being able to do whatever we wanted. We could go on spontaneous trips and adventures, and we can't do that right now, but the tradeoff is so worth it. Having these little lives that we are responsible for raising into full humans is so rewarding and beautiful, and it has strengthened our marriage. Even though we have less time for each other, seeing Courtney as a parent has made me fall in love with her much more deeply.

photo by  Rachael Leigh

photo by Rachael Leigh

Seeing her compassion, selflessness, and love for our little ones has made me realize how amazing of a person she is. I mean I knew she was amazing, but she is so much cooler than I even thought. She is caring, and compassionate, and loving, and tough, and proffesional, and just this amazing person that I sometimes can't believe I am married to. 

It has been 7 amazing years. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. This adventure were on is something else. Courtney you are more beautiful than the day I met you. I still can't believe that I get to be your husband. I am not always the best at showing it but I hope you know that I love you more than anything else in this life. I would do anything for you and I pray that I get to spend every day with you for the rest of our lives (when I die first). 

Independence Day

We had a great 4th of July over here at the Gilmer house. 

Nathan smoked his first pulled pork on the Traeger which was amazing and we spent the evening with friends and family. This was our first fourth of July in our new home and we were so pumped that you could see the city fireworks perfectly from our back yard. Sweet little blessing.

Freedom is difficult to gain and easy to lose, so we celebrate the freedom we have and will continue to fight for it as we move forward.