The Cradle of Storms

Last night we attended a really fun event in Denver. It was the premiere of a short surfing film called The Cradle of Storms (trailer above). Chris Burkard is an amazing staff photographer with Surfer magazine. Him and three surfers trekked up to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska known for its treacherous weather and surfed in some of the most amazing scenery. Chris presented a slideshow before the film with a bunch of pictures from the trip and told some great stories. His photographs are beautiful and it was really an honor to see him present his work. 

The turnout was amazing. They were all pretty surprised that so many people inland would show up to a surf film and we decided that snowboarders and surfers are basically the same people who just grew up in different places. 

Topo Designs and Artifact Uprising were both sponsors of the event. They were raffling off several things and I REALLY wanted to win one of Chris's signed photographs on Artifact Uprising's new Signature Print and Courtney REALLY wanted to win this pack from Topo Designs. We bought 2 raffles and both won exactly what we wanted. Crazy right?

It was a really fun and inspirational night. Made me want to get out and shoot some photos which is always a good thing. 

Pursuing the Beautiful

Do you pursue and seek out beautiful and interesting art? Or are you content with what is easy and given to you?

My friend Jared posted something to Facebook the other day to the effect of "If we want to be healthy than we fill our bodies with healthy food. Why would we think that the mind is any different?". This has stuck with me ever since I read it. 

It's true isn't it? 

How much crap do we let in all the time just because it is there. I am beggining to think that this my have a bigger effect on me than I realized. 

The paleo diet has this rule that you can either eat food or poison, and there really isn't any in-between. I wonder if we shouldn't think about what we fill our minds with this similar dichotomy. 

I think we could learn a lot by asking ourselves regularily "is what I am doing right now making me a better person?" and if the answer is no, maybe we could find a better way to spend that time. 

I am not at all suggesting we only read educational books and listen to classical music while learning a new language, I think laughter, joy, and fun are hugely important to living a meaningful life, but I am suggesting that there is a lot of entertainment that maybe isn't so healthy for us.  A lot of things we spend our time with may be hurting us and we don't realize it. 

I am going to try really hard this week to be consious of what I am filling my heart and mind with. I am going to do my best to avoid the negative and destructive and instead pursue that which is beautiful.

Join me?