When Life Gives You a Snow day

This weekend they predicted a huge blizzard and although we didn't get as much as they were expecting, we did get enough to cancel church and get us a snow day. A SNOW DAY! We jumped up and down like we were still in grade school and had just found out school was canceled. We haven't gotten out as much lately to enjoy some pretty scenery so what better day than when everything is covered with a fresh blanket of sparkly white powder. We called up our avid outdoorsy siblings and headed towards Stanley Lake to snow shoe. We just got our snow shoes for Christmas and they are so much fun! Its such a fun way to get out and explore in areas that might otherwise be too deep. I'm so thankful we got at least one more big storm before spring decides to grace us with it's presence. Now excuse me while I go warm up my frozen fingers :)

Stumbling Into 2015

I am currently sitting in my jeep outside Eldorado Canyon State Park. It is crazy windy and it is blowing snow around and causing the soft sides on my Jeep to rattle and bow out and I am a little nervous they might rip. I really wanted a nice peaceful morning because of how drastically life is about to change, so I headed towards the mountains, but that is not what I got. That kinda seems to be how life is going lately. 

Last night our pastor talked directly to people who feel like they are limping, as opposed to charging into the new year. I can definitely relate to this. Most years I feel excited about the new year. I create lists of things I want to do and I relish the opportunity at a fresh start. But this year I just feel kinda tired. 

2014 was hard for us. It was filled with a lot of good for sure, but there was also a lot of hard. We have completely started a new life here. We have a new home, new jobs, a new church and new friends. It has been good, but hard. Making new friends has been especially hard particularly in comparison to the amazing ones we had to leave behind in Florida. Courtney’s grandmother passed away this year. We have also both been working a lot and haven’t had as much time for rest and vacation as we used too. I am definitely not looking for sympathy, we know we are incredibly blessed and we have everything we need. I think we just feel a little bit lost. 

Today marks a big change in our lives though and a step towards the right direction I think. Today is my first day at Barber School. Barbering is something I have been interested in for a long time and I think our move to Colorado sparked the desire inside me even more. I will be attending Pickens Tech in Aroura for the next year. It is most likely going to be an incredibly busy year full of work and school and trying to squeeze time together in between, but it is a step closer in the direction of the life we want. 

We want a simple life I think. We want a small house that feels like home and a family to love. I want a job I enjoy that pays the bills. We want to travel for missions. We want time for fun and creativity. And we want a community to love and support us as we do the same for them. We are getting there and we are doing our best to enjoy the journey along the way. It isn't an easy one but it is good and rewarding. We are getting there.