Jackson × Holly

Jackson and Holly aren't the kind of people you meet everyday. They are special. They are the kind of people that make you feel like a better person when you are around them. Jackson is one of the most encouraging people I have met. You can tell that he genuinely cares about you and wants to see you be great. Holly is so sweet and caring and together they make a beautiful team that will almost certanly leave an impact on this world. 

This wedding was one of the most beautiful we have ever photographed, not because of the location or details (though those were beautiful as well) but because you really knew something good was happening. The presence of God on this ceremony was almost tangible, you could almost feel it on your skin. 

We are proud to know Jackson and Holly and so honored that we got to photograph your wedding. 

Matt × Carol

So there is this little time of rest on almost every wedding day right before the ceremony starts. All the preparation and build up has led to this moment, and there is a slight pause, a breath of anticipation. 

I was standing in the yard of this amazingly beautiful old mansion in the forest and hill country of Pennsylvania, watching guests mingle and find their seats, thinking about what was about to happen. Carol, one of Courtney's best friends since...well forever was about to marry Matt, this amazing guys that we have all come to love. Two lives and worlds were joining to create the most beautiful relationship in creation. They were becoming a family, a team, a bond, and a force for good.  

I am super happy for these two and even more happy that I get to call them friends. 

Michelle × Gabe

Here is a little story: about a year ago I got to photograph this really cool wedding in St. Augustine Florida. It was an amazingly beautiful wedding in old Florida with one of the coolest and most fun couples ever. There was a ton of people there, the ceremony was amazing, and they partied harder and later into the night then any wedding I have ever photographed. 

Shortly after we moved to Colorado, I changed up my branding and website and I never ended up blogging their wedding. I really love these pictures though and it was too amazing of a day not to share. So here it is, a year later, Michelle+Gabe.