Trip to the Royal Gorge

When we got married my parents gifted us with the pop-up camper that I grew up vacationing in. With all they did to give me the wedding of my dreams, the last thing they needed to do was gift us with anything. But, besides them being the sweetest most generous people, they wanted us to have it because they knew we would bring new life back in to it and use it on so many adventures to make new memories. I can’t tell you how much fun that little thing has been and how much it helps us to go explore more because it makes trips so much cheaper!

Nathan and I don’t really get a “weekend” but since we had Monday off for Memorial Day we decided we needed to take advantage of having two days off in a row. We packed up the camper and headed to the Royal Gorge (Colorado’s Grand Canyon) for a short trip. I had never been to that part of Colorado before and it looks so different and is beautiful! Man we live in an incredible country with so many different things to see. A lot of the attractions around the Royal Gorge had recently been rebuilt due to the wildfires burning down most of it. We got to ride these cool new gondolas on a zipline through the Gorge and there is also a bridge you can walk across that suspends 900 feet above the bottom of the gorge. I’m not the biggest fan of heights but we were there so I walked across it anyways. When the wind blows you can feel the bridge moving and the wooden slats that you walk across have small gaps in them that you can see through to below you. Yea, not my cup of tea. Every time Nathan went to the edge to take a picture and looked back up I had already booked it further down the bridge to the other side.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out by our fire and cooking dinner on our stove top. Sometimes when life is busy all it takes is a short cheap weekend get away to refresh and regroup. We had so many life talks that night by the fire trying to get grounded in this coming year, goals, changes, dreams…it was very needed. 

Hope you all have some fun trips this summer! Even if its just 3 hours down the road :)


Into the Desert: Part 2

The second day we hiked Devils Garden in Arches National Park. We decided to take a more challenging path off the main trail.

Hiking in the middle of the desert was no joke! We had to remind ourselves to drink lots of water. The trail would seem to end and there would be a huge pool of water or a giant boulder and we would have to figure out how to get around it to find the rest of the path by climbing over the boulder or scaling a ledge or anything else in between. I have definitely never experienced a hike quite like that before but it was so challenging and so much fun! The views too….holy cow! So many beautiful canyons, boulders, and arch formations. Utah, you are beautiful.  

Our brother and sister in law were passing through on their way to California so we met up with them later for lunch on this great little patio and caught up with them during their big move. Its always funny to see familiar faces in new locations.

The rest of the day we just enjoyed the tiny little town of Moab walking the shops and having our anniversary dinner at this fun little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. It felt good to dress up after all of the hiking that morning. Nathan is writing the next post for the last day of our trip. Wait until you see the pictures he got of the arches at sunrise!