Jackson × Holly: Engaged

We are texting back and forth about an hour before we were supposed to meet wondering if we should re-schedule because, well, it is pouring down rain. After some thought we decide to just go for it. Colorado can have the weirdest weather sometimes and we decide it is worth giving it a shot, we can dodge storms if we have to. I am so glad we did. We ended up getting to shoot on one of the most beautiful Colorado evenings ever. 

This shoot was unfairly easy for me to be honest. Not only was the weather and scenery just beautiful, but Jackson and Holly are really amazing people. This shoot was so much fun. They love to laugh and goof around, they love great music, they love God, are crazy about each other, and are freakin' gorgeous on top of that. Their wedding is in 2 weeks (yes, two weeks, they move fast) and I cannot wait. It is gonna be so much fun. 

These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.