50 of 50

I am sure you guys already know this about me, but I am not the type of photographer that only takes pictures when he is working. I absolutely love photography. I love the power, the art, and the joy of it. I value my love for photography more than almost anything. At the very beginning of my journey into professional photography I even made the decision that I would quit and get a real job the second I started to lose the joy of it. So far that hasn't happened and I am so grateful for the gift that photography has been to me. 

One of the things that keeps me loving photography is making sure I shoot for myself as much as possible. Recently I have been feeling somewhat stagnate with my personal work. I have wanted to shoot, I just haven't had much motivation. I started thinking back to the times when I have felt extremely creative and motivated, and almost every time I have felt that way it was because I had a project that I was working on, a goal to work towards. 

There is something to that. 

So this week I am starting a new little project called 50 of 50. The goal is to shoot 50 photos over the course of 50 days with only a 50mm lens. I think this project will be perfect. It is structured enough to keep me on task, but loose enough that I can be creative with it. I am excited about it. I am excited to have a goal. I am also excited to get to know that focal length a little bit better. It has been the standard and favorite focal length of many a photographer for generations. If it was good enough for Henry Cartier Bresson than there must be something to it. 

I don't really have a plan for what I want to shoot, I just want to make sure I get out every day and actually shoot. The gallery at the bottom of this post will update as I add pictures. You can also view the entire gallery here. I hope you will follow along and even join me if you want a challenge. 

Technical note: For this project I am using the Fuji 35mm f1.4 which isn't a 50mm, but since the camera I am using, a Fuji X-E2, has an APSC size sensor the 35mm is the equivalent of a 50mm. It is about the idea, not the technicality. 

50 photos taken over the course of 50 days with a 50mm (equivalent) lens