Happy Independence Day

Independence day is one of my favorite holidays. I truly am proud to be an American. There is a lot of mess and I am rarely proud of our government, but that isn't what I am talking about.

I am proud of the people and the land. Our country is absolutely beautiful and there is so much to explore. You could spend your entire life discovering America and never get bored. And that land is filled with some of the most amazing, hard working, and beautiful people you will ever meet. All kinds of people with all kinds of views, but most of them only wanting to live healthy, happy, and free, in a place that they love. That is what I am proud of. 

These pictures might a little cliched' but I don't really care, I am feeling patriotic dang it.  Happy birthday 'Merica.

Jackson × Holly: Engaged

We are texting back and forth about an hour before we were supposed to meet wondering if we should re-schedule because, well, it is pouring down rain. After some thought we decide to just go for it. Colorado can have the weirdest weather sometimes and we decide it is worth giving it a shot, we can dodge storms if we have to. I am so glad we did. We ended up getting to shoot on one of the most beautiful Colorado evenings ever. 

This shoot was unfairly easy for me to be honest. Not only was the weather and scenery just beautiful, but Jackson and Holly are really amazing people. This shoot was so much fun. They love to laugh and goof around, they love great music, they love God, are crazy about each other, and are freakin' gorgeous on top of that. Their wedding is in 2 weeks (yes, two weeks, they move fast) and I cannot wait. It is gonna be so much fun. 

These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. 

Anna: Northglenn Senior Portraits

My little sister is graduating high school! I can't believe it. She has turned into such an awesome person. She loves to laugh and have fun. She is a beautiful singer and artist and I can't wait to watch God work in her life.

We went and hung out at E.B. Reins park in Northglenn with her longboard and had a great time hanging out and shooting her pictures. Seniors are one of my favorite things to shoot. They are so fun and free. 

Congratulations sis.  

Luke × Siobhan: Lifestyle Portraits

Luke and Siobhan are close friends of my family that came to visit over the weekend. It was actually mine and Courtney’s first time meeting them but we hit it off right away. They love Colorado and love love the mountains so we drove up to Chautauqua State Park near Boulder Colorado. We hiked a little bit, laughed a lot, and had a fun time getting these lifestyle portraits.

If you are interested in pictures like this, I am running a valentines day special. Contact me and we can book your session.

Stay warm Colorado. It is crazy cold out there today.