What it Feels Like

I just read a really interesting blog post by Jonathon Kohn, a photographer,  who announced today that from now on he is only going to shoot weddings on Black and White film with his Leica. 

Bold move.  

I really enjoy color photography so I don't think I would ever do anything like this, but his post is so worth reading because of the why behind his decision. I agree whole-eheartedly with everything he wrote.  

Basically his decision for making this switch is based on our current society's obsession with wedding planning. Weddings these days are so much about details and "getting featured" and planning this perfect party, so often at the neglect of the real reason for the wedding in the first place. All that stuff can be fun and can set a great "feel" for the day, but that isn't why we have weddings. 

Weddings are truly the most beautiful of human ceremonies. They are about love and life and commitment. I believe they are the closest thing to divine love and celebration on earth. Jonathon's decision to shoot black and white film is him trying to get at the core of what a wedding is. It is him trying to see through the fluff and get better at seeing the real moments, the emotion, the laughter, and the love.  

I applaud his decision. And I am inspired more than ever to seek the true beauty of what a wedding celebration is.  

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.
— David Alan Harvey

Make it Human

The great challenge of art is not learning to use the tools of our craft, but learning to say something human with them. The second is learning to be OK with the silence until then.
— David duChemin | Make it Human

I was planning on sitting down this afternoon and writing a review of a new lens I recently purchased, and then I read this post by David duChemin. You should go read it and then come back here.  

Back? Pretty powerful right. Now you see why I didn't write the review. This post really convicted me.

The more I think about it the more I realized how true it is. Tech posts and discussions about gear are so easy to do and and so many people do it (myself included), but they are so missing the point. They are saying something, because we really have nothing to say.  

I don't think I am going to post about gear any more, at least for now. The gear really isn't important, it's what we make with it that matters. It is the stories we tell and I don't want my story to be about the camera I use. 

I think you guys deserve better than that. 

I want to tell stories that matter. I want to make the world just a tiny bit better through this little blog. I hope I am.