Bad Bones IV

About 5 years ago, a friend of so many people in Daytona Beach Florida, "Bad Bones" Bruce, was killed riding his bike in an area that had no sidewalk. Bruce was one of the coolest, most adventurous and life-loving guys around. He influenced so many of my friends for the better and to lose him was nothing short of a tragedy. 

In memory of his death, and to help raise money to build a sidewalk in the area where he was killed, some of my great friends started this event called Bad Bones. It is a simple idea: we find a place in the woods, get some good food and drink, and invite a bunch of local bands to come out and play loud music into the night. It is exactly the kind of thing Bruce would of loved and it is great to see his influence effecting community and change even after his death. 

The last set of photos was obviously taken by my wife as you can see yours truly playing bass with our band Brothers. These pictures are especially important to me because this was our last night in Florida. We hit the road for Colorado the next morning. This was a joyous and terribly sad night all at the same time. I will always cherish these memories. 

Michelle × Gabe

Here is a little story: about a year ago I got to photograph this really cool wedding in St. Augustine Florida. It was an amazingly beautiful wedding in old Florida with one of the coolest and most fun couples ever. There was a ton of people there, the ceremony was amazing, and they partied harder and later into the night then any wedding I have ever photographed. 

Shortly after we moved to Colorado, I changed up my branding and website and I never ended up blogging their wedding. I really love these pictures though and it was too amazing of a day not to share. So here it is, a year later, Michelle+Gabe. 

Matt × Carol: Engaged

Yes I realize the irony of my first post on my new “Colorado Wedding Photographer” blog being a shoot from Ponce Inlet Florida, but it is actually my most recent shoot and it is an important one.

This is Matt and Carol. Courtney and Carol have been friends basically forever and Matt is an awesome dude that I have loved getting to know over the past couple years. We were able to shoot their engagement pictures at the beach because they actually came and helped us pack up our apartment on our last weekend in Florida. They are the kind of friends that do that. They are a ton of fun, they love to laugh, and they love adventures. They are definitely friends for life.

I picked some of my favorites for here on the blog. Check out their PASS gallery to see more and contact me if you are interested in engagement photography.

Kenneth Johnson: Portraits

Kenny is a surfer/personal trainer/pastor living in New Smyrna Beach Florida who needed some portraits for his online presence. We had a blast hopping around Daytona Beach getting some cool shots. He is a super great dude that I am proud to call my friend.