Rocky Mountain National Park with New Friends

A couple weekends ago we got to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park with our friends Brian and Molly. I swear that place could never get old. I think it is literally one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

We have been there a bunch but not as much while it was still snowy. We got to drive around, walk out on to a frozen lake, see hundreds of elk (more than we have ever seen there! They were everywhere!) and ended the day with dinner at a really great lodge. It had been a little bit since we got up in to the mountains and this was a sweet little trip with some really sweet friends. Also it may look sunny in the pictures but it was SO COLD which made it more of a bummer that I forgot my jacket. Lucky for me my father in law had left a Chevy racing jacket in the car which conveniently didn't make it in to too many of the pictures :)