Easter Sunday (Plus a Special Announcement)

Easter morning is one of my favorite days of the year. I honestly appreciate it more than ever now that we are a part of the Bloom faith community. Bloom follows the church calendar. This is something that I honestly didn't know much about growing up but I have come to appreciate it so much. The Easter season starts 40 days before on Ash Wednesday. For the most part lent is a darker and more reflective time. It reaches a finale on Good Friday when the table is covered, the lights are turned out, and we enter a period of doubt. But then Sunday morning comes. There is hope again. 


For all of lent the liturgy of our service changes. One of the biggest things is we cease to sing the Doxology. On Easter morning we bring it back. I sat there singing, and crying, thinking about how living in a community of faith is such a weird but beautiful thing. Sometimes life and faith can get kinda routine and normal, but then there are these times that are little glimpses that there is something more. The veil between the physical and the spiritual is stretched thin somehow and we can see a little bit of the true reality. 

After Easter service we made our way to my grandparents house. They were still at there Easter service so we prepared a big lunch for everybody. We were so busy that we didn't really get any pictures of this. In fact we kinda forgot to take pictures most of the day which isn't like us, we were just having so much fun that it slipped our mind. 

We enjoyed a great lunch with members of our family and then dyed some eggs, because its easter. :-)

Later in the day I got to spend some time with my dad flying remote control planes at the field. It's one of my dad's favorite hobbies and I love being able to share it with him. It was a beautiful night and flying planes is such a relaxing and fun way to enjoy it. 

As we were out at the field finishing up our last couple flights we got a really simple but beautiful sunset. It was really the perfect way to end such a beautiful day. 

Special Announcement!!!

We have a big announcement for you guys. Watch the video below for the latest news. It has been hard to hold this news in.