Bad Bones IV

About 5 years ago, a friend of so many people in Daytona Beach Florida, "Bad Bones" Bruce, was killed riding his bike in an area that had no sidewalk. Bruce was one of the coolest, most adventurous and life-loving guys around. He influenced so many of my friends for the better and to lose him was nothing short of a tragedy. 

In memory of his death, and to help raise money to build a sidewalk in the area where he was killed, some of my great friends started this event called Bad Bones. It is a simple idea: we find a place in the woods, get some good food and drink, and invite a bunch of local bands to come out and play loud music into the night. It is exactly the kind of thing Bruce would of loved and it is great to see his influence effecting community and change even after his death. 

The last set of photos was obviously taken by my wife as you can see yours truly playing bass with our band Brothers. These pictures are especially important to me because this was our last night in Florida. We hit the road for Colorado the next morning. This was a joyous and terribly sad night all at the same time. I will always cherish these memories.