From the Archives: Christmas on the Contax

I have a family large backlog of film that I have never gotten developed sitting in my fridge. My plan is to develop one of these rolls everytime that I develop a current roll of film until I am completely caught up. It should be pretty fun seeing all these old pictures. As I develop them I will post them here in an ongoing "From the Archives" series. 

These photos are from right around Christmas this past year. River was only two months old and had so much more hair than she does now. Thus is one of the only rolls I shot on my Contax G1 before I sold it. I may have sold it too early. That camera was pretty awesome. If I hadn't of sold it I wouldn't have my F3 now though. I am pretty sure I won't give up my F3 for anything now. 

River is Lucky to have an aunt to lover on her like this. 

River is Lucky to have an aunt to lover on her like this. 

These are photos of our great friends Matt and Carol that I took the night before they left to move back to PA. I sure do miss having them around. They became like family while they were here. 


I remember taking River downtown for the first time. We went to the Christmas market. I remember having a lot of fun this day. Downtown is super magical around Christmas time. 

Contax G1 | Zeiss Planar 45/2 | Kodak 400