Sunset Picnic

Yesterday afternoon we were feeling a little bit stressed out and uptight. Money hasn't been great recently and we have been dealing with student loans and all kinds of other not-so-fun stuff. We decided we needed a break and realized it had been too long since we got up into the mountains. We called up our old/new friend Kelly, packed up some food, and headed to the mountains to watch the sunset. 

Sometimes we just need to get out, even if only for a couple hours, to rest and enjoy the world God created. There is something about seeing the beauty of God's creation naturally moving and progressing and thriving that reminds us that our problems are really pretty small most of the time, and even when they aren't, God is still there, He is still bigger than it all, and He still loves us more than anything.

P.S. We randomly met a guy up there taking pictures who drove all the way out here from Connecticut for a job interview and is couch surfing. He was a pretty funny dude and we enjoyed talking to him for awhile, and if you are reading this, we never did find your Instagram account. :)