Sunday Morning Music: Delta - Mumford and Sons

Does my love prefer the others,
Or does my love just make me feel good?
— Mumford and Sons

It’s been a minute since we have done a music post, but this is a good one. The best album release of 2018 in my opinion was Delta by Mumford and Sons. They have been a favorite band of ours for a long time, but the previous release of theirs fell a little bit flat to us. They are back.

Delta is a beautiful heartfelt and emotional journey of an album. It rocks loud at times, complex at times, and simple and quiet at others. It’s the first album to bring me to tears since True Sadness by the Avett Brothers, and it did it a couple of times.

Above is an excellent performance of the title track from their SNL appearance. But you should definitely check out the rest of the album at some point. Its perfect for a long drive or just sitting on your living room floor with the lights off and a drink in your hand.