Hello friends! It has been a minute since we posted here so it is time for a 'recently' post where we play a bit of catch up and let you know what we have been up to. 

By far the most exciting thing to happen to us in the last couple weeks is we finally got to hear the babies heartbeat! She said it was moving around like crazy and was a "hyper little thing". Haha. What have we got our selves into? 

We didn't quite make it to opening day but we made it the day after. An evening spent at the park is always a good evening. 

I have been able to cut more of my friends at the shop. Thanks so much to those of you for letting me get some practice on yo heads. I love what I do more and more everyday. 

This past Saturday was amazing! First we got to go to a mini in-store performance by Damien Rice at Twist and Shout Records. It was so nuts to see him in such an intimate setting. The guy still has it. Were seeing him again at Red Rocks in August and I am even more excited now. After the show we spent some time at the Denver Flea which was Fleatastic!

These two faces have us extremely happy right now. Carol is one of Courtney's childhood friends and Matt is her awesome hubby that we have come to love. Just yesterday they arrived in Colorado and are going to be living and working here for the next few months. We are so excited to have them around and can't wait to explore Colorado anew with them. 

That's whats up with us recently. We will try post more regularly as we move forward. Love you guys and hope all is well.