Jared × Caitlin: Lifestyle Portraits

We met Jared and Caitlin in Florida through mutual friends.

We met Jared first before they started dating and instantly loved his sense of humor and bold honesty. He started dating Caitlin soon after and instantly you could tell they were a perfect team. They are so much fun to be around and you are guaranteed to spend a majority of time laughing when you are with them. They were our first friends to come out to visit us and we had so much fun exploring this state with them! We went jeeping, coffee, hiking, coffee, downtown, coffee, airbnb, beer, cook out, breweries. It was such a great week and as you can tell Cait made sure to budget extra for coffee :) 

Here's the funny thing about moving...relationships are going to change. They have to. You aren't involved in each others lives the same way as you use to be. As hard as that is to accept at first, it doesn't have to be the end of things. One thing I immediately appreciated even more about our relationship with the Mauldins once we left was their ability to figure out what our relationship would look like now and pour in to that. Instead of getting texts from Cait about everything I am missing out on or how things are different, she sends me random little gems throughout the week letting me be involved in her world differently. She's taught me a lot through that and I'm learning to stop focusing so much on the "used tos". 

These pictures are not of our adventures on the trip but a mini-shoot Nathan took of them while they were here. Man we have some good looking friends. Come back soon Mauldins!