Into the Desert: Part 3

So obviously this trip wasn't really about photography, it was our anniversary trip after all. I did kinda want to get at least one "winner" shot though.

So on the last day of our trip I woke up before sunrise to see what I could find. I did a little research and heard that the "Windows" we're a great place to shoot at sunrise. I wandered around for a bit and finally found the perfect spot. As the sun rose I was having a little bit of trouble getting a picture that I thought was interesting enough to make it worth it. I decided to try a panorama and that was the one. This is exactly what I wanted. One good photo to capture Moab. 

There was a little group of photographers there with me. It was kinda fun meeting some people. This guy I met named James even grabbed a couple shots of me and was cool enough to send them to me a couple days later. 

After I knew I had a winner I decided to spend a few more minutes soaking in Arches before heading back. I wandered a bit and made a few more pictures of this enchanting place. 

Courtney and I then made our way back home. We did stop in Glenwood Springs for some lunch and a dip in the natural hot springs. It was a wonderful trip that was just too short. We can't wait to get back to Utah.