Into the Desert: Part 1

The first day we took the land rover out on 70 miles of 4x4 off-roading trails in Canyonlands National Park.

Off-roading was a cool experience because we got to cover a huge amount of land but it was scenes that you could only see with a 4x4 vehicle. We only saw 5 other vehicles the entire 10 hours we were “jeeping”. It was SO QUIET and desolate which was a refreshing experience.  It was also a little creepy because if you break down you aren't sure when the next human will pass you, but of course we had packed extra water and food :)

We saw a couple of goats which was strange because they were pretty much the only animals that were out there except for a couple bunnies and lizards. We took a tougher trail down to the Colorado River which was the perfect spot to make some lunch and take a quick swim because it was SO hot! At the end of the day we got a little off of our course and the sun started setting faster than we expected which is a little difficult when the trails you are taking are barely marked in the sunlight.

We ended up on this crazy scary path that was carved out of the side of a cliff barely wider than our car with no side rail (there is a picture of it at the bottom of the post). It was the only way for us to get back to the main road and although I could barely look down, the view was incredible. This day was one of my favorite experiences to date and if you get the opportunity I would say GO in a heartbeat! We are exited now to do more off-roading in Colorado too!