He's There Through the Winter

We have been getting so much snow here! We only have about 6 inches on the ground right now but the snow storms just keep coming. It's been super beautiful and we've been stopping to take pictures every chance we get. We've also had some cold, unbearable days where you run inside as fast as possible and there isn't a sweater warm enough in the world to wear.

There are so many great reminders that snow and winter bring and I think that's why I love it so much. It makes everything look beautiful and pure. You can be in the middle of the ugliest city and with a layer of snow it looks different and "clean". There are also parts of winter that can be challenging and really wear on you. The cold winds, the pipes freezing, the cars sliding on the road, and sometimes you feel like you haven't been able to warm up in months. Then just when you feel so sick of winter and you can't handle anymore... Spring comes. It's warm and refreshing and you appreciate it so much more because you've had to endure the harshness of winter first. There is a line in a song they use to play at liberty that says "He's there through the winter to shine in the spring". Sweet depiction huh? 

Here are a few pictures over the last week or so. The mountains look pretty majestic all covered in snow. Anyone wanna come build a snowman?