Gilmers Move to Colorado - Day 5

Hey everyone! It’s Courtney this time…I was feeling a little left out of writing these things lately ;) We finally made it to our new home yesterday!  Things were getting a little brutal towards the end of the trip and it started to feel like we were playing Oregon trail. Thankfully we didn’t have to cross any rivers and we didn’t contract cholera. Our heat stopped working and it was 19 degrees in our jeep for a bit. We were freezing our toes off and Khloe was shivering a ridiculous amount as you can imagine a Florida dog might. For a awhile we couldn’t stop laughing because last week in our 80 degree weather we were thinking about how much we missed the cold and in this current minute in our jeep we were thinking “What have we done!!”.  Here are some pictures from our trek from Lamar CO to Northglenn CO including a tasty donut shop we found to start our trip and ending with the front of our new apartment :) Seriously thank you all for your prayers!  They were definitely felt at multiple times during the trip.

P.s. it is currently snowing outside and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We will be sharing some pictures of it later tonight so make sure you stop back!