Gilmers Move to Colorado - Day 3

Nathan here, writing this from Denton TX. I wish this was a Sunday so we could go see Matt Chandler at the Village Church. We are getting ready to grab some breakfast and then start heading North. 

We started out the day yesterday by crossing the Mississippi river into Louisiana. We drove all the way through Louisiana in a few hours and were deep into west Texas. 

Since we were driving through west Texas, we decided to stop at a couple of my childhood homes. 

This is the little country home that I was born into, though they have actually added on and made it quite a bit bigger. 

We moved shortly after to a little house in the town of Troup. I have several memories in this house. 

And this is the property my grandmas house used to be on. We moved her to Colorado about 10 years ago and sold the plot to a horse breeder who now uses it to keep some of his horses. 

And we were off through the country, through Dallas, and on to Denton where we stayed the night.