Gilmers Move to Colorado - Day 2

Well we made it to a little town called Natchez MS. We are absolutely exhausted. We drove a lot today.

After an incredibly cold night last night, we woke up to a very beautiful morning. That campground in Panacea was beautiful. It took us way longer to break down the camp than we wanted it too because we brought too much stuff with us. Lesson learned. 

The pets are hanging in there pretty good. Khloe is hyper but pretty go-with-the-flow. Katniss was pretty uptight yesterday but she seems to be getting used to traveling. She is climbing around the car and likes to look out the window. I think they are as tired as we are though. 

We made some pretty good distance today as we traveled around the pan-handle of Florida, through Alabama and up into Mississippi. 

As we pulled into Mobile Alabama we saw a pretty sweet Battleship and decided to check it out. It is the USS Alabama. We got there just too late to get tickets to go on board, but we could check it out from the outside. It is so cool seeing something so impressive like that in person. 

On the road again. 

We really needed to travel a good distance today to make up for the late start we got yesterday. Because of that we decided it would be easiest to stay in a motel so that we could drive later since we didn't have to set up or tear down the camper. It isn't the nicest place in the world, but it is warm. 

We will be up and at it again tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers.