Garden of the Gods

Happy Monday! I don't know about you guys but man we have been getting some beautiful spring weather around here! It feels like it is about to stay but who knows, this is Colorado after all. Nathan has especially been reminded of this Coloradan quirk by taking the top off of his jeep the day before a random snowfall. It is not so fun shoveling snow out of your car :)

Yesterday was too beautiful not to be outside so we headed to Colorado Springs to soak up some scenes we don't see as frequently. We have both been to Garden of the Gods before but I don't know if it could ever get old. There are these beautiful massive red rocks everywhere with tons of trails and you can always catch a few people climbing walls of rock in the designated areas. When you get to the top the views are breathtaking and Pikes peak always looks pretty amazing from there. If you ever visit Colorado you definitely have to spend some time here! 

On the way home we took the scenic road and drove through a lot of farm land (while Over the Rhine was playing in the background of course) . It was so peaceful and fun to stop and watch the deer for a bit. Days like this always pull at our hearts on whether the future holds city living or country living for us. So many amazing things about both. 

We came across the hashtag #exploremore the other day. We like that motto. It doesn't have to be some epic adventure to be worthwhile. Just exploring the state we live in or even our own neighborhood is worth the time! There is an element of change and growth when we explore more.