From Daytona Beach

I haven’t updated this blog in awhile and a lot has happened!I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Daytona Beach Florida. We packed up in Altoona and hit the road at about noon on Saturday. We stopped in Lynchburg for a little bit and got to see some great friends Amanda, Lilly, Shiniya, Shemere, and Braneah. We than drove three more hours and stayed with my good friend Brad in North Carolina. Sunday we drove to Jacksonville Florida and stayed with our great friends the Lesters. (Tom was our photographer) We had a great time with them and drove the rest of the way into Daytona today.

We found a place to live! We checked out a couple different places but in the end chose the place we had planned on all along. It’s called Manatee Bay Apartments and it is right on the river. Our unit is actually only like 200 feet from the water. It was a great price, is nice and in a pretty good location. If all goes well we will be in it by tomorrow. I will upload pictures as soon as we are in.

We are so excited to be here. It’s a cool town and we have a lot of exploring to do. It is a little intimidating and we are a little bit homesick, but we are having fun. Even though it is like 170 degrees here and we are sweating our bums off.