Happy New Year

This year has felt like a whirlwind. You know how they say as you get older life gets faster? Well, kids speed that up exponentially.

A friend of mine asked me recently if we have any new years traditions that we celebrate. I’m from the east Coast and we have a Pennsylvania dutch tradition of sauerkraut, hot-dogs and kielbasa on New years eve or day. We also have a weird made up one since we have been married that we eat Chinese food for lunch and play board games on New Years Day. This year Nathan had to work and we completely forgot about that one.

One last thing that I’ve seen a lot more people doing around New Years that I think is a great way to start the year is to pick a word of intention to represent the coming year. Nathan and I have been doing this for a few years and its always been cool to look back on the year and see where that word was reflected, how God used it in our lives, and how meaningful it was. This year our word is consistency. There seem to be a lot of loose ends in our life right now that we need to tie up in 2019. It is easy at the end of a long day of working full time and raising babies to let everything else fall by the wayside but this year we want to focus on following through and staying consistent. Do you guys have a word for 2019? I’d love to hear them! Hope you had a wonderful New year!


It's a baby, see

First off I have to start by saying that the title of this post must be read in your best 1920s mobster voice hah! Now on to the important stuff...We saw the baby for the first time today! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. The baby was moving around and we could see the heart beating and it was just so cool. We also found out the gender but we aren't going to spill the beans about that until next week :)  

I will be 16 weeks along on Saturday and feeling mostly great! I think I'm pretty much over the hump of the nausea and all that fun stuff. Although I don't know how all the pregnant mommas are rocking it at the gym with all that energy! 

We decided to do a monthly bump photo if you'd like to follow along. Our friend Carol affectionately nicknamed our little one Gilmerino (Gilmer+Bambino) so the series is titled that up in the galleries until we reveal the name. The first three months are in this post :)

We are so overwhelmed by all the love and support you all have shown us. It is so comforting to know we have such an incredible support system for such an incredible task we've been gifted with. You guys are seriously amazing and we love you tons.  

Happy Birthday my Love

Today is the birthday of the most amazing person I have ever met, and I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you that. Ever since the very first day I met her I have been in awe of her. Its actually really hard for me to put it into words but if you know her than you know what I am talking about. She has a way about her that just breathes live into situations she is a part of. She sees life in a unique and beautiful way and I am constantly inspired and amazed by her and I am more in love with her than the day we met. 

As we found out that we are going to be parents soon, my love for her has grown even so much more, which I wasn't sure was possible.  Our kid is only the size of an apricot (at least that's what the app says) but I can already see the love in her eyes that she has for our little one. She loves being pregnant and even though calling it a "glow" sounds cliched, its a real thing. She is more beautiful than ever. 

We are moving into the next phase of our life and though I have no desire to rush anything, I can't help but picture the rest of our lives might look like. I picture glimpses of our kids as they grow older and get married and gives us grandkids someday. I picture houses and vacations and pets. I know there will be great times and bad times and many changes, but the one thing I know is that I don't want any of that if Courtney isn't next to me. She is the most amazing person I know and I am seriously the luckiest guy in the world to be starting a family with her. I don't want to spend a single moment of my life without her. 

I love you to the moon and back baby. Happy Birthday. 


Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man?

Grandma wants to build a snow man. Be here at 10:30 if you wanna help.
— text from my mom

How could you say no to that? I love that my grandma is in her 80's and still loves to do things like building snow men on a beautiful winter day. 

Recently grandpa decided he wanted to grow a mustache. He said it is the first time he has had one in 60 years. I think it looks awesome on him!

My grandparents are such an inspiration to me. They have lived long, full, and beautiful lives and they still love each other, laugh, and have so much fun together. Watching them today made me so happy. It makes the idea of growing old so much less scary when I know I will get to do it with the person I love like my grandparents did. 

Stumbling Into 2015

I am currently sitting in my jeep outside Eldorado Canyon State Park. It is crazy windy and it is blowing snow around and causing the soft sides on my Jeep to rattle and bow out and I am a little nervous they might rip. I really wanted a nice peaceful morning because of how drastically life is about to change, so I headed towards the mountains, but that is not what I got. That kinda seems to be how life is going lately. 

Last night our pastor talked directly to people who feel like they are limping, as opposed to charging into the new year. I can definitely relate to this. Most years I feel excited about the new year. I create lists of things I want to do and I relish the opportunity at a fresh start. But this year I just feel kinda tired. 

2014 was hard for us. It was filled with a lot of good for sure, but there was also a lot of hard. We have completely started a new life here. We have a new home, new jobs, a new church and new friends. It has been good, but hard. Making new friends has been especially hard particularly in comparison to the amazing ones we had to leave behind in Florida. Courtney’s grandmother passed away this year. We have also both been working a lot and haven’t had as much time for rest and vacation as we used too. I am definitely not looking for sympathy, we know we are incredibly blessed and we have everything we need. I think we just feel a little bit lost. 

Today marks a big change in our lives though and a step towards the right direction I think. Today is my first day at Barber School. Barbering is something I have been interested in for a long time and I think our move to Colorado sparked the desire inside me even more. I will be attending Pickens Tech in Aroura for the next year. It is most likely going to be an incredibly busy year full of work and school and trying to squeeze time together in between, but it is a step closer in the direction of the life we want. 

We want a simple life I think. We want a small house that feels like home and a family to love. I want a job I enjoy that pays the bills. We want to travel for missions. We want time for fun and creativity. And we want a community to love and support us as we do the same for them. We are getting there and we are doing our best to enjoy the journey along the way. It isn't an easy one but it is good and rewarding. We are getting there.