Goodbye Railings

So I ripped all the railings off the front of our porch. I had been meaning to do it for awhile. It looks so much cleaner and neater. Now to do something about that terrible blue color...

I also got some little garden beds ready for veggies and put a little bird house in the tree. Let’s do this summer!

Our little house is coming along. Finding homes in Colorado right now is pretty difficult, ours isn't perfect or ideal, but it is OURS. I love our little home and we have some big dreams for this place. 

Lets Tear Out a Wall

Ever since we moved in to our little house, we have wanted to tear out the wall between our kitchen and living room. We finally decided to go for it this weekend.


We still have a lot of finishing to do but this made SUCH a difference. It feels like a new home. I am so pumped about it.


River's Nursery

As most of you know, we had been living in 380sq feet for almost two years. When we found out we were pregnant we tried our best to make that space conducive to a soon to be family of 3, which was possible but extremely difficult and crammed. We are thankfully now in a bigger space and thought it would be a good idea to try to move, all while having a home birth and then getting use to life with an infant (I don't recommend moving in the midst of your biggest life change haha)! Needless to say our apartment is still a disaster and it is coming along slowly but surely. The only room completely done in the apartment (and clean for that matter) is River's room which is the one I was most excited about anyways. It is so peaceful and beautiful and is full of her baby shower decorations, homemade gifts, and little gems I found along the way. So far she seems to like it too :)