"Better" not "More"

I have decided that "Better" not "More" is going to be my phrase for 2014. I have a problem that I think a lot of other people have as well, and it is that I seem to desire having more things over better things. I think it is very much a product of our American culture but we seem to desire to collect things more for the process of having them than the benefit those things actually give us. We like to say "look at all this stuff I have, isn't it great?" but we rarely appreciate the value of each thing. 

Originally my thoughts around this were centered on my photography. I love posting lots of pictures to Tumblr or Flickr but looking back on them later, I rarely actually like any of them. I was posting more, not better pictures. But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized how many other areas of my life I am guilty in this. Things like clothes, shoes, movies I have seen, music I have listened to, places I have been, likes I get on a post, how many friends I have on social media, even how many friends I have in real life are how I subconsciencly decide my importance. 

None of these are necessarily bad things but I think I am pursuing them for the wrong reasons. Getting likes and comments feels good, having lots of friends and followers feels good, but that doesn't mean it is good and I definitely don't think pursuing it to the degree I have been is healthy. 

That is why "Better" not "More" is my phrase for this year, and maybe longer. I am going to start with my photographs by posting much fewer than I have been but I am going to try to make them of better quality. I am going to buy fewer things but make sure that what I do buy is better quality and preferably local and handmade. I am going to try harder to make sure the time I spend with Courtney is truly spent with her, and not just in the same room as her. 

Mostly though, I am going to try to change my attitude. I need to slow down and appreciate what makes life...well alive. I want to focus more on the feelings and smells and touches and smiles that are what truly makes the human experience. I want to experience "Better" not "More".