Best of 2015

Well, here we are again at the beginning of a new year! Like most people, this year came with some bad but mostly good, beautiful, life changing moments. The year started with us finally getting the tattoos we had contemplated for years and ended with the passing of Nathan's amazing grandpa and the birth of our precious little girl. I spent almost the entire year pregnant since we found out in February that we were expecting :) Although this year was full of beautiful mountain scenes, traveling, concerts, breweries, and a lot of exploring, when we looked through our pictures to sum up this year, the ones that made us smile the most were the ones with the people we got to spend last year with. Life is not as fulfilling without a tribe of people who come along side you and share in your experiences. We feel so blessed to be surrounded with some AMAZING people who helped to make our year so full by sharing in our burdens and joy. Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to whatever experiences are ahead of us this year.