I decided to start a new little personal project. I am going to shoot through all of the VSCOfilm presets. I put the names of all the presets in a randomizer app and I will shoot a different one each week. I think this will challenge me to work with different looks and feels and keep things interesting for me in the next year.

We finally made it up to the mountains for a little bit. It had been way too long. We grabbed some pizza at our favorite spot, Beau Jos in Idaho Springs, and then walked around a bit and enjoyed the cool air. River missed her nap so she was a bit grumpy the whole time, but it still felt good to get out.

How clean is this El Camino? I always loved them. You can't go wrong with classic GM. #DriveTastefully

She seriously loves the snow so much. Every time it snows all she wants to do is go outside and walk around.