Venturing to KSC to Buy a Station Wagon

Well me and my dad made the trip out to buy the Roadmaster. We bussed overnight to Kansas City and it was absolutely terrible. I will try to never ride a bus again. It was worth it though. I really love my car. 

This was my first time seeing her. It was like seeing heaven after that bus ride. It was in about the condition I expected. There will be lots of little projects and a couple big ones. It will definitely keep me busy for a few years. 

The ride back was smooth and comfortable. We had a good time. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the ride, even though we were pretty tired. It also gave us a good chance to get to know the car. 

And....we're home! I am so excited about this car. It's going to be freakin bast. I already love it more than any car I have ever owned. 

South Dakota Anniversary Trip

Hey friends. Many of you know that we are doing a project called 50 in 50 where we are trying to go to a different state for our anniversary every year. By the time we hit our 50th wedding anniversary we will have been to every state in the US. It has been a blast so far and last year's state was South Dakota. 

South Dakota is a pretty neat place. It is extremely beautiful and there is so much to see and do. I would suggest, if possible, doing like we did and avoid the busy summer tourist season. We could tell just by looking around that the place probably gets kind of insane during the summer. I don't love crowds and lines so I was glad we missed that season. Nature is abundant in South Dakota and we kinda fell in love with the Buffaloes. There is also some pretty cool western history. South Dakota still feels like old America.  Go explore America people! We live in a beautiful country. 

This blog post is coming about 8 months late, but it did take me awhile to get all the film developed. I shot this entire vacation on film. I kinda just wanted to prove to myself that I could. I was pretty nervous that it wouldn't come out but I am so happy with the results. It worked out great. These pictures are not in any order, they are just a collage of what we saw and did during our stay. 

Nikon FA, Olympus XA, Lomo X 6-12 | Portra 160 (Pushed to 400)

Trip to PA for Our Baby Shower

This is our biggest post picture wise to date so I will try to make it not so wordy... but who are we kidding :) We got to go to PA for a few days to see family and friends and have a huge barbecue to celebrate the coming of our sweet baby girl! It was a blast and everything I could have hoped for (Thanks mom, dad and aunt Jeannie and everyone else who pitched in!). It was at my aunt's farm which is the property that my dad grew up on. That property is so special to me and perfect to celebrate such a special event to us. There was good music, food, and friend and a perfect summer night. Our super talented friend Sarah Abraham was kind enough to photograph the whole event so more on that to come :)

During out trip we got to spend some time in Pittsburgh with my parents, one of my best friends from Florida SURPRISED ME and flew in for the weekend, and we got some one on one time with family and friends. Every time I go home I realize how blessed I was to grow up there surrounded by so many amazing people who are still some of my biggest supporters in life. I'm also reminded of how beautiful East coast history and landscapes are too.

Also as you will notice below, baby girl has a name….River Louise Gilmer. We love it! We knew for a long time that if she was a girl her name would be River. Then late last year my amazing warrior of a grandma passed away so we are privileged to give River my grandma’s middle name of Louise. So crazy that October is right around the corner! Can't wait to meet that little girl of ours!


Trip to the Royal Gorge

When we got married my parents gifted us with the pop-up camper that I grew up vacationing in. With all they did to give me the wedding of my dreams, the last thing they needed to do was gift us with anything. But, besides them being the sweetest most generous people, they wanted us to have it because they knew we would bring new life back in to it and use it on so many adventures to make new memories. I can’t tell you how much fun that little thing has been and how much it helps us to go explore more because it makes trips so much cheaper!

Nathan and I don’t really get a “weekend” but since we had Monday off for Memorial Day we decided we needed to take advantage of having two days off in a row. We packed up the camper and headed to the Royal Gorge (Colorado’s Grand Canyon) for a short trip. I had never been to that part of Colorado before and it looks so different and is beautiful! Man we live in an incredible country with so many different things to see. A lot of the attractions around the Royal Gorge had recently been rebuilt due to the wildfires burning down most of it. We got to ride these cool new gondolas on a zipline through the Gorge and there is also a bridge you can walk across that suspends 900 feet above the bottom of the gorge. I’m not the biggest fan of heights but we were there so I walked across it anyways. When the wind blows you can feel the bridge moving and the wooden slats that you walk across have small gaps in them that you can see through to below you. Yea, not my cup of tea. Every time Nathan went to the edge to take a picture and looked back up I had already booked it further down the bridge to the other side.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out by our fire and cooking dinner on our stove top. Sometimes when life is busy all it takes is a short cheap weekend get away to refresh and regroup. We had so many life talks that night by the fire trying to get grounded in this coming year, goals, changes, dreams…it was very needed. 

Hope you all have some fun trips this summer! Even if its just 3 hours down the road :)