1 Day

It’s one day until the wedding and things are starting to get a little bit crazy. I am trying to finish up a video, Courtney is working on some last minute prep for the candy buffet, Courtney’s parents are bringing stuff out to the reception Spring House, my parents are getting ready for the rehearsal dinner, and Michael is getting all the decorations ready.

Lots happening but we are remarkably calm. We have been pretty prepared, even more than we thought. This week has been mostly calm and fun. We even surprised ourselves.

I Got a Job

After much searching I finally have a job! I will be starting this Friday as a cashier at Panera Bread Company. I am pretty excited. I really needed a job as I have a ton of stuff I need to save up for, and I also just needed something to do. I can only do so much sitting around before I start to get antsy. I am excited!

Please keep praying that Courtney will get a job as well. As I write this she is in an interview at Kohls.