Goodbye Railings

So I ripped all the railings off the front of our porch. I had been meaning to do it for awhile. It looks so much cleaner and neater. Now to do something about that terrible blue color...

I also got some little garden beds ready for veggies and put a little bird house in the tree. Let’s do this summer!

Our little house is coming along. Finding homes in Colorado right now is pretty difficult, ours isn't perfect or ideal, but it is OURS. I love our little home and we have some big dreams for this place. 

A sweet moment in Fall 2016

We are in full blown Christmas spirit over here and like most posts, I am incredibly behind. I almost convinced myself not to post these but how could I not? These are from a sweet little moment in time two falls ago when River wasn't quite walking yet. She had a few cute little chicklet teeth and was incredibly fascinated with all things nature (she still is). It was also right before she stopped breast feeding and Nathan happened to capture what was probably one of the last few moments of her and I together in that way. So even though we are sitting here wishing for some snow, I had to share this special moment when the leaves were bright yellow and there was a warm crispness in the air :) Happy Wednesday friends. 

Fall Pics - 2.jpg
Fall Pics - 3.jpg
Fall Pics - 4.jpg
Fall Pics - 5.jpg
Fall Pics - 6.jpg
Fall Pics - 7.jpg
Fall Pics - 8.jpg
Fall Pics - 9.jpg
Fall Pics - 10.jpg
Fall Pics - 11.jpg
Fall Pics - 12.jpg
Fall Pics - 13.jpg
Fall Pics - 14.jpg
Fall Pics - 15.jpg
Fall Pics - 16.jpg
Fall Pics - 17.jpg
Fall Pics - 18.jpg
Fall Pics - 19.jpg
Fall Pics - 20.jpg
Fall Pics - 21.jpg
Fall Pics - 22.jpg
Fall Pics - 23.jpg
Fall Pics - 24.jpg
Fall Pics - 25.jpg
Fall Pics - 26.jpg
Fall Pics - 27.jpg
Fall Pics - 28.jpg
Fall Pics - 29.jpg
Fall Pics - 30.jpg
Fall Pics - 31.jpg
Fall Pics - 32.jpg
Fall Pics - 33.jpg
Fall Pics - 34.jpg