Caribou Trail

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the feel of change, and I love the colors. In Colorado we have Aspen trees that turn a ridiculously bright yellow and it is kinda a known thing that every fall you have to get into the mountains to see the Aspens. Courtney was missing fall on the east coast a little bit, but fall in the mountains didn't disappoint. 

We decided to experience the mountains by Jeep this fall, as that is the best way to be in the mountains in my opinion. Last week my parents, my sister and we drove Caribou Trail just outside of Nederland. It was a great trail with some great views and the Aspen's were beautiful.

Bloom Church is a group of people in Denver Colorado who love Jesus. We’re not so big on some of the things that are often done in Jesus’ name, but Jesus... we think that he is the hope of the world. Our quest is to take Jesus - his life, his teaching, his death, his resurrection - more seriously than we take any other thing. That’s pretty much how we understand what the word “Christian” means.
— BLOOM Church "About" Page

Into the Desert: Part 3

Hey guys. So obviously this trip wasn't really about photography, it was our anniversary trip after all. I did kinda want to get at least one "winner" shot though. So on the last day of our trip I woke up before sunrise to see what I could find. I did a little research and heard that the "Windows" we're a great place to shoot at sunrise. I wandered around for a bit and finally found the perfect spot. As the sun rose I was having a little bit of trouble getting a picture that I thought was interesting enough to make it worth it. I decided to try a panorama and that was the one. This is exactly what I wanted. One good photo to capture Moab. 

There was a little group of photographers there with me. It was kinda fun meeting some people. This guy I met named James even grabbed a couple shots of me and was cool enough to send them to me a couple days later. 

After I knew I had a winner I decided to spend a few more minutes soaking in Arches before heading back. I wandered a bit and made a few more pictures of this enchanting place. 

Courtney and I then made our way back home. We did stop in Glenwood Springs for some lunch and a dip in the natural hot springs. It was a wonderful trip that was just too short. We can't wait to get back to Utah. 

#FlowerChildFall: Week 2

I love the few moments of quiet we have every night before heading to bed. I've been reading Framing Faith by @mattknisely and it is great so far. Very encouraging. Good night IG friends.

It's super tiny and usually a little bit messy, but I am really proud of our little apartment. @courtneyrgilmerhas done a great job making it feel like a home.

Spent all afternoon Jeeping with my family. The Aspens are turning and it was such a beautiful and freeing day spent with some of my favorite people in the world.

@oskarblues is my favorite local brewery and I LOVE their G'Knight Imperial Red IPA. Cheers!