When I Think of My Grandma, I Think of Her Joy

I am currently on a plane headed home to see my family. This trip has been planned for some time but the circumstances have slightly changed. This will be the first time visiting my family for Christmas that my grandma will not be in attendance. My grandma passed away last week. We knew it was coming but I’m not sure you can ever be completely ready. I got the phone call from my dad at 3:30 my time on Wednesday and immediately knew what had happened. She died peacefully and I am really thankful for that.

Its hard to know what to do after getting that kind of news. I’m the only one in my family who wasn’t able to be there in person so you feel a little bit of helplessness. When thinking of the best way to mourn her and celebrate her that day, Nathan and I decided to go to the prettiest place on earth I have ever been: Rocky Mountain National Park. I wrapped myself up in my grandma’s purple sweater that I found in her closet the last time I was home to visit her and went walking through the mountains on a beautiful snow covered trail. We didn’t run in to a single person that day and I got to soak in God’s beauty and talk with Nathan about some sweet memories with my grandma.

When I think of my grandma I think of her Joy. I remember infectious smile, her sweet laugh, her silliness…she was one of the warmest and kindest people I have ever known. Everyone knew her as grandma…my friends, people at places she frequented often, a random kid in the grocery store…seriously everyone. You could not come in to her home without her treating you like family and handing you goodies. She had the warmest hugs that felt like they could take away your problems. If you never got the chance to meet her I promise you, you would’ve loved her. It seems to be slightly more difficult to lose someone you love around holidays but with my grandma I think it is fitting because it is a time of year I already think of her a lot. She shined even brighter during Christmas. She brought all of the family together and made it fun and special and of course had the best cookies you could imagine. 

We will all miss her so much but she is definitely not gone. I’m so thankful that I had such an amazing grandma help raise me and raise my mom to be so amazing. My grandma left a legacy here and I see it all the time, especially in my momma.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is one of our favorite holidays. It is such a beautiful time to spend with family and friends enjoying and loving each other. Don't take these moments for granted. We seriously never know what the future holds and times like these are precious. 

As a photographer I must also implore you to capture today in photos. These are moments that need to be saved for future generations. Your family history is important and it is your job as a photographer archive these memories. Don't have your face behind the camera the entire time, live in the moment, but have it nearby ready record those memories.  

Thanksgiving Playlist

We put together a little playlist for you guys to enjoy on this day with your family and friends. It is a mix of our favorite songs right now that just feel right for this time of year. 

There is also just a sprinkling of Christmas music mixed in as well. 

Grab some wine, eat some turkey, watch some football, hug your family, and soak today up. It is special. 


Winter Has Begun

Hello friends. Though a lot has happened in the last couple of months, we haven't been very good about posting here on the blog. I had a few photos that I really wanted to share, so I decided to share them in one big post. 

It has been kind of a crazy month to be honest. This Month:

  • We got our first snow and had a week of below freezing temperatures. The cold weather made work a madhouse. I worked 58 hours last week. 
  • The beginning of winter also brought this magical light with it. The last couple hours of everyday are bathed in this golden goodness that I can't get over. It is so pretty. 
  • We saw INTERSTELLAR in IMAX and it was the best movie-going experience of my life. It was amazing. My favorite movie this year.
  • Courtney spent last weekend in Phoenix for her second Acupuncture class. She is one step closer to being certified. 
  • We did some great Fall mini-shoots for two awesome families. We will blog those soon. 
  • VSCOfilm 06 came out and it is wonderful. I can't get over how much I love it. 

More posts are coming soon. This is such a busy and fun time of year. I love the holidays. 

Caribou Trail

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the feel of change, and I love the colors. In Colorado we have Aspen trees that turn a ridiculously bright yellow and it is kinda a known thing that every fall you have to get into the mountains to see the Aspens. Courtney was missing fall on the east coast a little bit, but fall in the mountains didn't disappoint. 

We decided to experience the mountains by Jeep this fall, as that is the best way to be in the mountains in my opinion. Last week my parents, my sister and we drove Caribou Trail just outside of Nederland. It was a great trail with some great views and the Aspen's were beautiful.